Founded in 1835

The internat association "Les Internats Jacques Brocquart asbl" has existed since 1991. It brings together venerable institutions such as the former Pensionnat Saint-Joseph in Diekirch (founded in 1835), the Pensionnat Saint-Joseph in Ettelbrück, the Convict Episcopal in Luxembourg City (dating from 1872) or the institution Saint-Willibrord in Echternach, which has existed since 1883. Some of the internats steeped in tradition are still located in the same place today, others have changed their location. With state support, modern, family-supporting internats have emerged from former Catholic elite institutions. Today, seven institutions belong to the internat association "Les Internats Jacques Brocquart asbl". We are therefore the institution in Luxembourg with the longest experience in the professional and contemporary management of internats.

While internats were set up by the Catholic Church in the 19th century to provide higher education for children from the countryside, the opportunities and needs of children have changed over time. But there are still children who need support to successfully complete school. Our internats are responding to these new challenges and transforming themselves. Internats are becoming open to all and for all types of schools. Learning is understood and supported differently. Large dormitories are being replaced by single rooms. Children are seen as part of their family system. Independence is encouraged, voluntariness is made possible. Participatory structures are introduced. Children's rights are respected. But internats not only change, they also remain true to themselves. They continue to stand for community, respect, tolerance and helpfulness.