Colourful and well-trained

In our internats, different professions work together as a team. Most of our staff are social educators ("educateur gradué"), some are educators ("educateur diplomé"). In addition, trained psychologists are part of the team in all our houses.

Equally important are: Cooks, cleaning staff and technical staff. Some of our cooks are educateur-instructeur, trained not only in craftsmanship but also in pedagogy. Our house technicians also have a professional craft qualification (brevet de maitrise, CATP, DAP). Interns and volunteers complement the full-time staff. At individual locations, the "Aumônerie" service is available on request. This consists of employees of the diocese.

Working conditions

Our staff are employed under the SAS collective agreement. The working hours are based on the needs of the students and are mainly during the day and in the evenings. Individual night shifts are part of normal life and work at the internat. The respective internat management and teams can look flexibly after the individual needs of the staff.

We offer full-time and part-time positions. The working hours are based on school hours. During school holidays, our employees have time off. Holidays and overtime are usually compensated during the holiday period. In short: more work during school hours, free during school holidays.

We as an employer

As an employer, we are large enough to guarantee a permanent job and small enough to be able to react flexibly to individual wishes.

Our staff are close to our hearts. We are committed to combating bullying, racism and violence and care about the health of our staff. Every staff member has the right to be heard and to work under good conditions.

With us you can get involved and develop yourself: Initiate projects, receive regular training, exchange professional ideas with other staff members, work on concepts.

What we expect

We expect our staff to live the culture of "Bientraitance" and to act in a non-violent, benevolent, caring and attentive manner. We have high standards for the quality of our work and expect this standard to be shared. We know from experience that it is good to have some of these qualities: openness, reliability, self-reliance, resilience, flexibility, creativity, motivation, authenticity, balance, team player and positive attitude.