Convict Episcopal Luxembourg

Welcome to the Convict Episcopal

Our internat is located in the centre of Luxembourg City, opposite a park. You can choose between many schools. Walking or by public transport, all distances are short. We are a venerable institution dating back to 1872, also known as "d'Boulette". The internat looks back on a long tradition and has seen many changes. The current building is functional and can welcome up to 52 pupils. Unfortunately, due to the building infrastructure, we can only accommodate male pupils at the moment. Our building is not barrier-free.

As part of the semi-internship ("semi-internat"), we offer external students help with homework and offer leisure activities in the afternoons.

You have your own room.

It is about 12 square metres in size, it is equipped with practical furniture and has a washbasin. You bring your own bedding and personal belongings. You can decorate and change your room. You have a key to your room and to your wardrobe.

You are part of a big community.

There are three floors in the Convict, each with 18 rooms and toilets. Lockable individual showers are located in the basement. There are also rooms on each floor that can be used during leisure time. There is a large common room on the ground floor. The dining room, kitchen and another common room are on the lower floor.

You always have a reliable contact person.

You have a reference person at the internat. Your reference person looks after you and is there for you. He also keeps in touch with your parents and your school. If you want, you can also talk to a psychologist. He or she can work with you to solve problems. These conversations are strictly confidential.

Our day has a fixed framework.

We eat together in the morning and in the evening. Our cook prepares the food every day. When you come home from school, you can eat in our canteen until 16:30. Homework is done before dinner. After school and after dinner, you can take part in interesting leisure activities at the internat.

You are important.

A student committee is elected every year at Convict. The committee represents your interests and discusses possible changes with the educators in everyday life. We are also open to your suggestions on what we can do together.

We help you do your homework every day. With us, you can become independent and achieve your goals. Our study time is from 17:00 to 18:00. From 18:15-18:45 we continue with preparing the next day in school. Normally, you study in your own room. The educators will support you. If you are not properly equipped, you can use our computers. Of course, there is Wi-Fi everywhere in the internat.

We offer different activities throughout the day. You can choose when and what you want to do: Play billiards, go to the pitch or swimming pool, meditate, cook, go on excursions. Some activities are offered regularly or for longer periods of time.

You can also go out alone or with others. During the day, after school or after dinner you can out on your own or together with others. This is your private spare time. When, how long and how often depends on how old you are and what your needs are.

If you are a member of a club, you can of course continue to take part in club activities. There are numerous clubs, the conservatory, sports facilities and cultural institutions in the vicinity of the internat that you can visit.


We have our own bowling alley and offer regular bowling training.

Cuisine pédagogique

Twice a week, you can prepare food for the community and take on the role of the "chef cuisinier". Our cook and an educator will support you. This project is very popular and well liked.

Christmas market

Every year we have a stall at the Christmas market in town where we sell homemade goods. With the proceeds of it, we do something together.

Mérite jeunesse

The Convict is involved with two educators in the annual "mérite jeunesse" competition, the largest worldwide youth programme. With us, you can take part and realise your own projects, pursue goals, network globally and show how you want to change the world.

Hiphop and grafitti

For several weeks we practiced with a hiphop dancer and sprayed a wall in the courtyard with a graffiti artist.

Amicale des Anciens

The "Amicale des Anciens" meets every year at the Convict. Former pupils come together, exchange ideas and support the current boarders on their way into adult life.


News from the Convict

Contact – Convict Episcopal Luxembourg

5, avenue Marie-Thérèse
L-2132 Luxembourg

Postal address
B.P. 913
L-2019 Luxembourg

Tel.:   44 74 32 41

Internat management
Michel Lauff

Opening hours
Sunday 19:00 – friday 18:00

Upon agreement with the young person and his/her parents, there is the possibility of longer and individually adapted times. The internat is closed during school holidays.