Internat Jos Schmit Diekirch

A warm welcome!

The internat is centrally but quietly located on the edge of the old town. It is a modern new building, barrier-free, consisting of four interconnected houses, each is three storeys high. There are many places to meet, different common rooms, sitting areas and a large courtyard with a basketball court. The internat provides a home for 108 pupils who attend one of the post-primary schools in the Nordstad:

  • Lycée classique Diekirch
  • Nordstad-Lycée (NOSL)
  • Ecole d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg (EHTL)
  • Lycée technique Ettelbruck (LTETT)
  • Lycée technique pour professions de santé (LTPES Warken)
  • Lycée technique agricole (LTA)
  • Lycée Sainte-Anne Ettelbruck

As part of the semi-internship ("semi-internat"), we offer external students help with their homework in the afternoons.

You have your own room.

It is equipped with modern, practical furniture and a wash basin. You can decorate your room according to your own taste. You bring your own bedding and personal belongings. You have a key to your room.

You are part of a familial community.

12 young people live together in a residential group ("groupe de vie"), separated into boys and girls. You have a kitchen, a large living and dining area and a modern sanitary area with four showers and three toilets. We have a total of nine residential groups.

You always have a reliable contact person.

You have a permanent reference person at the internat, this is your reference educator. He also keeps in touch with your parents and your school. His office is also in your residential group (groupe de vie"). If you want, you can also talk to a psychologist. She can help you to solve problems. These talks are strictly confidential.

Our day has a fixed framework.

In the morning we have breakfast in the common room and in the evening we eat together in the living group. Our cook prepares the food for everyone. Homework is done in the afternoon. Before and after dinner, you can take part in interesting leisure activities at the internat. We do a lot together, but there is always time for you alone.

We help you every day with your homework. With our support you can become independent and achieve your goals. In the afternoons, between 15:30 and 17:00, we usually have study time ("Etude"). Normally, you work in your own room. The educators in your living group will gladly helpful. You can also do your homework before or after dinner. We will find out with you how you learn best.

You can borrow books and look things up in our library. You can borrow a laptop from us if you haven't brought your own IT device. Of course, there is Wi-Fi everywhere in the internat.

We have many well-equipped rooms where you can get active: a music room, a games area, a painting studio, a craft room, a dance room, a fitness room with equipment, a large "Stuff" and the Makerspace. Outside there is a basketball court and a large courtyard.

We also offer regular activities inside and outside the internat such as swimming, various ball sports, painting, cooking, PC gaming, table tennis, table football, darts. You are also welcome to suggest what you would like to do. Some activities are offered all year round.

If you are a member of a club, you can of course still take part in the club activities. We are also happy for you to discover other activities in the Nordstad, such as the conservatoire, youth centres, swimming pool and sports clubs.

You can have visitors at the internat or go out alone or with others, in the afternoon after homework or later after dinner. When, how long and how often depends on how old you are and what your needs are.

Cuisine pédagogique

Here, everyone can slip into the role of the "chef cuisinier" and prepare and serve food for the others. Our chef will show you how to do it and support you. You can learn about healthy eating and local products. If you feel like it, you can also cook or bake your own food in your kitchen in the residential group. The hotel students can also use the large kitchen of the internat. Under supervision, they can practise here, recreate dishes or prepare for cooking competitions.

In the Makerspace you can immerse yourself in the world of technology. Build robots, programme them, understand and test electronics, take computers apart. There are no limits to your creativity.

Painting & Craft Studio

You can not only paint pictures with us, we make an exhibition out of them. Our educator and artist Pascale Seyler will help you with this.

E Stopp fir e Mupp

We participate in the project "E Stopp fir e Mupp" for the training of assistance dogs.


Das vom Internat organisierte Kletterprojekt findet jede zweite Woche in der Jugendherberge in Echternach statt. Die Kletterhalle bietet den idealen Einstieg in die Sportart. Vor dem Klettern lernen die Teilnehmer im Beisein eines Trainers der Jugendherberge gemeinsam Sicherungstechnik und -knoten kennen, bevor sie an der 14 Meter hohen Wand vor neue Herausforderungen gestellt werden. Durch eine Kletteraktivität gewinnen die Teilnehmer vielfältige Eindrücke von sich selbst, lernen neue Fähigkeiten und ihre Grenzen kennen, müssen Ängste überwinden und gewinnen an Selbstwertgefühl. Die Konzentration und das Vertrauen auf den Kletterpartner, bauen sich während der Aktivität auf. Durch die mehrmalige Wiederholung der Aktivität steigern die Jugendliche das Vertrauen, das sie ihrem Kletterpartner entgegenbringen. Da Kommunikation beim Klettern eine Voraussetzung ist, wird diese Fähigkeit während der Aktivität gestärkt. Durch das gemeinsame Erleben können die Jugendlichen ein Gemeinschaftsgefühl und Empathie für den Kletterpartner entwickeln. Physisch wird dabei die Koordination, das Gleichgewichtsgefühl, sowie die Ausdauer und die Kraft gefördert.








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Contact - Internat Jos Schmit

Internat Jos Schmit
3, rue du Moulin

Postal address
B.P. 171
L-9202 Diekirch

Tel.:  80 34 40
Mobile: 691 80 34 40

Internat management
Fernand Winkin

Opening hours
Monday 7:00 until friday 19:00
The internat is closed during school holidays and on public holidays.