Internat du Nord Wiltz

Welcome to the Internat du Nord in Wiltz!

Our internat is centrally but quietly located near the Wiltz train station, surrounded by a meadow and a basketball court. It is a modern new building, barrier-free and with functional comfort. There are 24 rooms spread over two floors. We are a small community that offers a home to students from the Lycée du Nord (LN) and the Lycée Edward Steichen in Clervaux (LESC).

If required, we can also offer partial care at weekends and during holidays.

You have your own room.

It is 16 square metres in size and equipped with modern, practical furniture. Four of our rooms are barrier-free. You can design and decorate your room individually. You bring your own bedding and personal belongings. You have a key to your room.

You are part of a familial community.

12 students (m/f) live together in a residential group ("groupe de vie"). You have a large common room, a kitchen with dining room, a living area and a modern sanitary area with showers and toilets.

You always have a reliable contact person.

You have a reference person at the internat. Your reference person looks after you and is there for you. He also keeps in touch with your parents and your school. If you want, you can also talk to a psychologist. He or she can work with you to solve problems. These conversations are strictly confidential.

Our day has a fixed framework.

In the mornings and evenings we eat together in the living group, our cook prepares the food for everyone. The students help with this, as well as with cleaning up and washing the dishes. You can also cook for your group in consultation with the cook. After school, we offer you activities or you can get active in our rooms. Afterwards, it's time to study.

You are important.

Every week, a student assembly meets together with the staff. You can have your say and help shape life at the internat.

We help you every day with your homework. With our support, you can become independent and achieve your goals. In the afternoons, between 16:45 and 18:15, we usually have study time ("Etude"). Normally, you work in your own room. The educators in your living group will help you. Depending on your needs, you can continue your work for an hour after dinner. For the students of the 7ième, we offer the course "Léiren léiren". Here you can find out how you can learn best. If you haven't brought your own IT device, you can use our computers and tablets.

Of course, there is Wi-Fi everywhere in the internat.

We offer regular activities and projects inside and outside the internat. The activities take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school 13:30-15:00. We move around a lot outside, go mountain biking, play beach volleyball, football, basketball, mini golf, practise archery or visit a farm. In your free time, you can also get creative in our painting and craft room, watch a film with others, play music or relax.

After studying and after dinner you have time for yourself.

You can also have visitors at the internat or go out. When, how long and how often depends on how old you are and what your needs are. You arrange this with your reference educator in your residential group ("groupe de vie").

There are various sports clubs, the scouts, the youth centre and youth office, the music school, skate park and swimming pool nearby. If you are a member of a club, you are welcome to continue taking part in the club activities.

Cuisine pédagogique

Here you can prepare food for everyone and take on the role of the "chef cuisinier". Our cook and an educator will support you. We place special emphasis on regional products.

Mérite jeunesse

The Internat du Nord is also involved in the annual "mérite jeunesse" competition, the largest global youth programme. With us, you can take part and realise your own projects, pursue goals, network globally and show how you want to change the world.


The Internat du Nord also offers individual projects and colonies during the school holidays. We have already been to Tuscany for olive picking, to Holland and the reservoir for fishing and to Finland for an adventure week. Our focus is on activities that involve moving around and being outside.

Dance project

For half a year we practised hiphop with a dance trainer and made a video film about it.



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Internat du Nord
13, rue Charles Lambert
L-9537 Wiltz

Postal address
B.P. 10
L-9501 Wiltz

Tel.:  26 95 23 1
Mobil: 621 732 494

Internat management
Mike Zaika

Opening hours
Monday 7:00 until friday 19:00
The internat is closed during school holidays and on public holidays. If required, students can also stay at weekends and during holidays.