Les Internats Jacques Brocquart asbl – Moderne Internate mit Tradition

Les Internats Jacques Brocquart
For every story, for every interest, for every personality - we provide the perfect boarding school.
Les Internats Jacques Brocquart

The internat is like a big family. You are part of it. You live together with other children of the same age.

Les Internats Jacques Brocquart

You have your own room. Every internat is special.

Les Internats Jacques Brocquart

In the internat, you will have many opportunities to spend your free time indoors and outdoors.

Les Internats Jacques Brocquart

We will support you every day in doing your homework. Our main aim is to make you independent and to help you achieve your goals!

Les Internats Jacques Brocquart

We eat together at the internat. Our cooks always prepare fresh and delicious meals.

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Modern institutions with tradition

Internat is a good investment in your future.

Our internats offer a different way to experience your school time. At the internat, you live together with other students and spend your free time with them. Often you also attend the same school.

Our internats support you in your academic, personal and social development. We want to help every student to shape their future in the best possible way.

In internat life, each individual takes responsibility for themselves, but also for the internat community. Ideas for leisure activities are worked out, cooking is done together, learning takes place and people support each other in case of difficulties.

So how about internat? You want to improve your school performance? You want to work in a Community live with their peers? We are there for you!

We want you to have a good time with us: gain experience, celebrate successes, broaden your horizons, and find friends for life.


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