Offers of help

Our top priority is to ensure that your experiences with our organization are positive and supportive. If you feel the need to seek external assistance, whether for personal support or to express any concerns about our organization, we sincerely respect your initiative. Your satisfaction and trust are important to us.

We acknowledge that there may be situations where external support is necessary. Therefore, we encourage you to utilize the resources available to ensure that your needs and concerns are appropriately addressed. Here, you will find useful information to communicate concerns or complaints. We are open to feedback and ready to collaborate with you to ensure that your experiences with us always meet your expectations.

Here are some useful addresses

General Manager

Tel. : 44 74 32 09

Good-treatment delegates

Tel : 2755 2040

Ombudsman fir d’Kanner

Tel. : 26 123 124

Kanner- a Jugendtelefon

Tel. : 116 111

Ecoute Parents

Tel. : 26 640 555

Issue a whistleblower warning

Report whistleblowing >>>