Internat Sainte-Anne Ettelbruck

Welcome to Internat Sainte-Anne

Our Internat Sainte-Anne is located on the grounds of the École Privée Sainte-Anne and in the immediate vicinity of Ettelbrück railway station. The fenced outdoor area has a sports field as well as opportunities to spend time outdoors and our own garden, which we cultivate together with the pupils. 

The building is a modern, barrier-free new construction on three floors and offers space for 120 young people. In the various common rooms, you can engage in creative, musical or sporting activities together with your fellow residents. In addition, the adjacent sports hall of the École Privée Sainte-Anne is available to us on different days of the week, as well as 12 of our own bicycles.

Due to the good public transport connections, young people attending a "Lycée" in the city of Luxembourg as well as young people from the catchment area of the "Nordstad" attending a post-primary school can be accommodated with us.

  • Lycée Sainte-Anne Ettelbruck (EPSA)
  • Lycée technique Agricole (LTA)
  • Lycée technique Ettelbruck (LTETT)
  • Nordstad-Lycée (NOSL)
  • Lycée technique pour professions de santé (LTPS Warken)
  • Lycée classique Diekirch (LCD)
  • Ecole d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg (EHTL)

You have your own room.

It is spacious and equipped with modern, practical furniture. Some of our rooms are barrier-free. Two rooms share a modern bathroom with shower and toilet. You can design and decorate your room individually. You bring your own bedding and personal belongings. You have a key to your room.

You are part of a familial community.

Up to 12 young people live together in a residential group. The residential groups are divided according to the age of the young people and are supervised by 2 educators. A residential group consists of 12 single rooms and an open kitchen with an adjoining living room. Here, homework is done, meals are cooked and eaten together and free time is spent together.

You always have a reliable contact person.

From your first day, you will be assigned a permanent reference person at the internat, your reference teacher. He or she maintains contact with your parents and the school. He or she is responsible for making sure that your wishes and concerns are heard and for looking after your interests. Of course, you can turn to the other teachers or the management in confidence.

Psychologists also work at the internat. They support you with personal questions and difficult situations. It is a voluntary offer and the conversations are treated confidentially.

Our day has a fixed framework.

In the morning, you will be woken up by the teachers and from 7am onwards, a rich breakfast is available for you in the breakfast room. Of course, you can also prepare a snack for school.

Before homework supervision starts, there is a snack in the breakfast room.  From 16:30, all students are in their respective living groups. In the evening, the group either cooks together or eats together with young people from the other residential groups in the school canteen of the École Privée Sainte-Anne.

Depending on the age group, leisure activities are offered before or after dinner. We look forward to your suggestions and ideas.

You are important.

We try to make life at the internat as interesting and varied as possible. You can count on the support of the staff in the student council or when carrying out your own projects.

Homework is important and we take homework supervision seriously. Together we look at what is due for the next day and what exams are scheduled in the near future. We go over the material with you and give you more tasks to review if necessary. We also help you with writing letters of application or looking for internships.

Depending on age and class, the assignments are done together in the living room or individually in your own room. We are happy to provide you with laptops, printers and other non-digital tools.

We offer regular activities inside and outside the internat. The activities take place after school from 14:30-16:00 and in the evenings from 19:30-21:00. We play football or basketball, go to a climbing gym, go on excursions, paint and do handicrafts or discuss and inform ourselves about topics that interest us. Sometimes one or two "groupes de vie", for intance girls and boys, like to do activities together, which is possible and even welcomed by us.

We have a well-equipped painting and craft workshop and a music room where you can get creative on your own or with others. Outside, there is a sports field, seating areas and a garden area. Pool billiard, table tennis, table football and board games can be found in our common rooms.

After studying and after dinner you have time for yourself.

You can also have visitors or leave the internat for a walk and to see friends. You arrange this with your reference educators in your "groupe de vie".

If you are a member of a club, you are welcome to continue participating in its activities.

The projects at Internat Sainte-Anne are based on your ideas and suggestions. Whether it is an adventure weekend in the Marienthal, an excursion at the end of the school year, the organisation of a Christmas market or raising funds for "Télévie" or participation in the project " E Stop fir e Mupp", in principle we are open to all suggestions.

Cuisine pédagogique

Here you can prepare food for everyone and take on the role of the "chef cuisinier". Our cook and an educator will support you. We place special emphasis on regional products.

Mérite jeunesse

Internat Sainte-Anne is involved in the annual "mérite jeunesse" competition, the largest global youth programme. With us, you can take part and realise your own projects, pursue goals, network globally and show how you want to change the world.



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Internat Sainte-Anne
108, Grand-Rue
L-9051 Ettelbruck

Postal address
B.P. 252
L-9003 Ettelbruck

Tel.:  26 80 59 901
Direction: 26 80 59 902 or 903

Internat management
Miguel Pelegrin

Opening hours
Sunday 20:00 until Friday 19:00

The internat is closed during school holidays and on public holidays.