Healthy and sensible nutrition

A healthy, tasty diet is important to us. Therefore, our chefs take care to carefully select high-quality food. Allergies, intolerances and individual food-related beliefs are, of course, taken into consideration. Fresh produce is delivered on a daily basis to our internats and immediately processed. We pay attention to organic and local products when purchasing.

In the morning, you can help yourself to a delicious breakfast buffet or take something along for your school break. At lunchtime, you are usually catered for by the school canteens. The primary school children in Mertzig are looked after in the internat during the lunch break and receive a warm meal. In the evening, we eat together in the groups. This communal meal is very important to us.

Through our project "cuisine pédagogique", you can also take on the role of a cook and prepare a meal or dessert for everyone together with others. Our chefs will support you and explain the preparation of the dishes, their origin and the handling of food, as well as the hygiene in a kitchen. Your own ideas are welcome. If you want, you can learn everything you need to know to be independent in the kitchen.

In cooperation with our HACCP officer, our kitchens are checked in terms of hygiene, safety and their functionality. Regular training helps our chefs to keep improving our kitchens in the above-mentioned points.