We are modern institutions with tradition.

We accept every person as they are. Every person is unique. Our internats are open to everyone. No matter what gender, skin colour, religion, origin or needs a student has: we are there for you!

We move with the times and are open to new questions, challenges and opportunities. Our foundations are timeless: appreciation of the world and of our fellow human beings.

Be yourself

We recognize the positive features and the potential in everyone. We create the conditions so that all students can develop their potential. Our goal is that everyone successfully completes the school that suits them. Everyone should become self-reliant and responsible. We want children and young people to feel comfortable with us.

Treat the other person as you would like to be treated yourself.

We respect the religious and philosophical beliefs of our pupils and their families. Community is important to us, tolerance, respect, openness and helpfulness. Life at the internat is based on voluntariness and non-violence. We are an active member of "Bientraitance" asbl. This platform promotes the freedom of choice and a caring and attentive culture in social institutions in Luxembourg.

We set high standards regarding the quality of our work. Therefore we provide a pleasant working atmosphere and good working conditions. Professionalism and a high level of motivation are the hallmarks of our staff.