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The non-profit association "Les Internats Jacques Brocquart asbl." was recognised as a non-profit organisation by Grand-Ducal decree on 16.1.2017.

In working with our students, the following objectives have priority:

  • Positive future prospects and school success
  • Integration and inclusion
  • Resilience and parenthood
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Autonomy and a spirit of initiative
  • Talents and competences
  • Christian message and tolerance

The activities of the association are largely financed by:

- the parents (by the price that is payed for boarding); 
- the state takes over most of the deficit, which is mainly made up of personnel costs.


  • an increasing number of parents who are unable to pay their contribution due to the risk of poverty, despite social reductions;
  • various individual personnel costs ;
  • various functional costs that are not covered by the state, such as :
    • Maintenance of playgrounds, etc.
    • Purchase and maintenance of computer material, didactic material, playground equipment (table football, etc...) ;
    • extraordinary projects and activities (holiday colonies, educational weekends, participation in pilgrimages, cultural visits to cities, etc...).

Support our activities by contacting us directly at :

Les Internats Jacques Brocquart asbl.
5, avenue Marie-Thérèse
L-2132 Luxembourg
Tél.: +352 44743-200

Your donations are tax-deductible.