Many opportunities 

At the internat, there are many ways to spend your free time, both indoors and outdoors. In all internats you can be creative, exercise, be curious, be with others or have your peace and quiet.

For example, our internat have creative rooms, movement rooms, music rooms, football pitches, a "Makerspace" research laboratory, rooms for rest and relaxation, ... Every internat is built differently and has its own special possibilities. 

Interesting activities are also offered. The ideas are provided by the educators and by you. Kayaking or climbing wall? Mountain biking or mini-golf? Geocoaching, making films, adventure workshop in Mariendall?

You can also take part in the Luxembourg competition "Mérite Jeunesse". Here, young people present a project that they have thought up and realised themselves.

In your free time, you can also leave the internat grounds, go for a walk, meet friends or go to events. When and where you can go out on your own depends on your age and needs and is arranged with your guardians and the educators.

Video "Free time at internat" - Interview with pupils from the Internat Jos Schmit